Update – Refurbished radiators after the “Before and After”

We reported on this radiator refurbishment project back in January.

Recently the heating contractor sent us a few pics of the radiators after re-installation & we were delighted to receive the following message with them:

“Hi David, It’s taken some time, but photos enclosed. Very, very impressed with your service and radiator finish. I wish we had a greater need for refurbishing of rads, but I will certainly be in touch when we do. Will also mention you to architects I know. Many thanks. Regards, SJW”

Princess and Duchess Style Radiator Refurbishment

Our client was undertaking a complete renovation of an old manor house in a Wiltshire village and wanted to preserve the antique radiators. Here’s the pics of them when we picked them up, and when we delivered them back. The client chose a lovely gunmetal paint finish for them all.

Some old radiators in building site
Princess & duchess style radiators in building site!
Refurbished and finished in a classic gunmetal look

Handsome and hefty decorative radiators

The larger of these decorative radiators weighed in at 173kg! They are likely to have been manufactured circa 1900 so it is fitting we have just delivered them to an Edwardian townhouse in Bath. They should certainly belt the heat out!

Decorative radiators before restoration
The smaller radiator finished in gloss black
The fully restored larger decorative radiator

Before & after. Radiator restoration for a large project.

Twenty two radiators removed from a historic house 200 miles away arrived on pallets in October. The rads, mostly four columns, looked tired and were definitely in need of some TLC.


Thankfully most tested fine i.e. they were watertight both before and after shot-blasting. David repaired a couple of the longer ones. Plenty of coats of off-white paint and they looked really smart.


Here they are all ready for the long journey back to their seaside home.

Reclaimed radiators was pleased to turn this job around in a little over four weeks, a week ahead of schedule.

A Perfect Fit. Long low reclaimed cast iron radiator fitted in Dorset

This one took some sourcing! A client wanted a fairly high BTU output radiator for their house restoration project in Dorset. The catch? Low enough to fit under the cupboards. Old cast iron rads this long and low are quite uncommon. As soon as this little beauty (Ideal, four columns, 18 inch high, neo-classic and a whopping 22 sections long) came up for sale, it had their name on it!

White painted low 4 column radiator in bedroom
Restored Ideal radiator makes a lovely, and practical, feature in a Dorset holiday cottage

Radiator Restoration for Grade 1 Heritage Property The Circus, Bath

Glorious sunny weather today for delivery of a freshly restored vintage radiator to a prestigious house currently undergoing refurbishment in Bath. Tourists were out in force snapping pics of the Reclaimed Radiators Van (!). Did you know the original architect, John Wood the Elder, based the diameter of the Circus in Bath on the 318 foot diameter of Stonehenge?!

Reclaimed radiators delivery van parked in the Circus, Bath
Reclaimed Radiators Delivery to the Circus, Bath
White painted vintage column radiator in front of white shutters
Restored radiator back into it’s rightful place
Van with Reclaimed Radiator Logo parked in front of houses at The Circus, Bath
Reclaimed Radiators day out at the Circus, Bath