A stunning house restoration in Wiltshire

David supplied a large number of reconditioned original cast iron radiators to a private client who is restoring a mansion in Wiltshire. The radiators have been in storage for some time now, and the first phase of the restoration is nearing completion. We were allowed inside for a sneaky look at some of the rooms, which are just breathtakingly beautiful. More pics when we have finished the final stage of this big project.

Reclaimed Radiators in Wiltshire (8)

Show stopping colour!

We painted up this little cast iron radiator in a show-stopping peacock blue finish for the window of The Old Bank Antiques Centre on the London Road in Bath. If you’re ever in the area, The Old Bank Antiques Centre is a treasure trove for people who just love vintage and antiques and well worth a visit.

Peacock blue radiator
Reclaimed Radiators at the Old Bank Antiques Shop, London Road, Bath

Peacock radiator (2) The Old Bank Antiques Shop in Bath


Hands up if you love this!

A Duchess with a funky metallic paint finish. To get the look mix silver and black hammerite paint. Here’s one we prepared earlier! A slim duchess radiator which went to Noss Mayo in Plymouth. It certainly gets our vote.

Reclaimed Radiators in Blakes Interiors, Bath

Make sure you drop into Blakes Interiors, just off Pulteney Bridge in Bath when you are next in town. It’s an Aladdin’s cave, crammed full of interior design gems. Reclaimed Radiators supplied the original cast iron radiators for the interior of the shop, they are finished in matt black paint and look very fitting in such a stylish setting.


Reclaimed Radiators at Blakes Interiors

Blakes Interiors at 8 Bridge Street, Bath is one of the City’s coolest new shops. RIP Habitat… this eclectic, stylish and hip interiors store is a treasure trove of desirable things that will make you want to rush home and de-clutter so you can redesign your living space in the style of Patrick Crawshaw.

Patrick ordered some retro radiators from us for his shop, which we were able to turn around in super-fast time. They are finished in  his own choice of eggshell black, and look just the job alongside the furniture for sale on the first floor. If you haven’t paid Blakes Interiors a visit, make a note to go there next time you’re in Bath.

Thanks to the teachers strike I had the pleasure of the kids company on my trip into town – and they made very eager ‘models’ for my photoshoot. The photos might have been a little better if I hadn’t been QUITE so nervous they were going to trash everything in sight….. I am happy to report that Patrick’s lovely shop survived the ordeal and his rads look FAB!




Reclaimed Radiators at Old Bank Antiques

We’re really grateful to Alex Schlesinger and David Moore, the owners of Old Bank Antiques for allowing us to showcase a fully restored round top cast iron radiator in their shop. Old Bank Antiques is not just any old antiques shop…. it’s more of a sumptuous emporium, and well known locally as a  hunting ground for everyone who loves gorgeous old stuff!

Reclaimed Radiators at the Old Bank Antiques - London Road, Bath
Old Bank Antiques at 14-17 Walcot Buildings, Bath

We chose a fat round top radiator which we have finished in a fuscia pink for something a bit different!  Old Bank Antiques is located on the London Road, and they have a really useful parking area at the back of the shop. The shop is divided into different micro-shops and  is packed to the rafters with a fascinating array of lovely old things. Everything from stately period pieces, some highly desirable and funky retro stuff to the downright quirky one-off collectibles.

Old Bank Antiques is open seven days a week, and is well worth a visit. Click here to visit their website.

Reclaimed Radiators at the Old Bank Antiques Centre, Bath
Reclaimed Radiators at the Old Bank Antiques Centre, Bath

.. for a Wiki page about Old Bank Antiques follow this link.

<a href=”http://www.mycityantiquing.org/wiki/Old_Bank_Antiques_Centre”><img alt=”Old Bank Antiques Centre” src=”http://www.mycityantiquing.org/exlink/index.php?pg=2991&tp=3” style=”border:0px;padding:0px;width:150px;height:150px” /></a>