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Q: Will my room be warm enough?
A: Let us know your requirements, and we’ll ensure you’re provided with radiators that are the right size for your room. We can calculate the output you need, based on a number of factors, and then working from our output charts, will work out which size radiator will suit your needs.

Q: Will an antique cast iron radiator be compatible with my current heating system?
A: All our radiators can easily be adapted to fit modern heating systems. Ensure that you have the right size reducing bush. We are happy to supply you with the right size reducing bush once we know if you are using ½” or ¾” valves.

Q: How do cast iron radiators compare with modern heating systems?
A: The main benefit of cast iron radiators it their ability to retain their heat. Pressed or tubular steel radiators cool down at a very rapid rate once the heating has been switched off, whereas cast iron radiators stay warm for a long time after the boiler has stopped operating. Cast iron radiators also take up a lot less wall space in comparison with steel radiators, which frees up more space in your room for the other furniture and fittings you love! Another important issue to consider is the re-using of materials- and what could be more appropriate than recycling a fine piece of highly engineered Victorian cast iron?

Q: Why do we spray paint radiators, not powder coat?
A: All columned radiators are made up of individual sections that have a paper gasket sealing each joint. The powder coating process involves baking the object to a high temperature. Often this process can burn away the paper gasket and the radiator will not be watertight. Professional spray painting gives a fantastic uniform finish, and we can paint deep inside the structure of the radiator where paintbrushes would struggle to reach.

Q: Which is better suited to cast iron radiators, thermostatic or manual valves?
A: Manual valves work by reducing or increasing the flow of hot water into the radiator, and are a sufficient way of making the radiator warmer or cooler. They may require more adjusting from time to time, but they do provide a constant flow through the radiator which is better all round for the system. Even though many people prefer the idea of using thermostatic valves, they are not entirely necessary on cast iron radiators. Due to their warming and cooling properties, cast iron radiators are very easily controlled by manual valves.

Q: Do we know the provenance of our radiators?
A: We are a small company with only two of us buying and selling stock, therefore all of our radiators come with an authentic traceable history. We are also members of the Salvo directory, and follow the Salvo code of practice.

Q: What guarantee do we offer?
A: All our radiators are tested to 6 bar of pressure before blasting and painting. However, should any pinholes appear following the blasting process we will be happy to replace your radiator with the closest match we can find within one year of fitting, free of charge. This would be subject to inspection and does not include any handling/delivery errors or plumbing errors. (See fitting advice) 

Q: Are cast iron radiators easy to transport?
A:  Reclaimed Radiators are extremely heavy and must be handled very carefully to avoid any damage to the radiator or yourself! We are very happy to arrange courier collection or delivery if you need some help, please get in touch. Once they have been painted, it is very important not to damage the paint finish of your cast iron radiator. We’ll supply you with a tin of touch-up paint each time you purchase a radiator in case any scratches occur during transit.

Q: Can you restore my antique radiator?
A: Yes, absolutely. Please see ‘Restoration process’ – prices start at c.£160 excluding delivery. Please telephone us for a full quote.

Q: Can the plumber I normally use install these cast iron radiators?
A: Yes – any good plumber will be able to fit these original radiators. If you have any queries, please give us a call.