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Any reclaimed radiator can easily be fitted to a modern heating system. We will confirm with you what size your valves will be (either ½” or ¾”) and your radiator will be supplied ready-fitted with the correct size reducing bush. Once delivered to you, your plumber will simply need to connect the valve fittings into it.

Reducing bushes for cast iron radiators - adapt old fashioned radiators to fit modern heating systems

Like any central heating system, whoever fits your Reclaimed Radiator will need to balance the system once it is all fired up and running. This is done by adjusting the flow out of the radiator using the lockshield valve. This process must be done to reach optimum efficiency of both radiators and boiler, and must be done by a competent fitter, and is the same process as undergone with any system – cast iron radiators or not!

You will be supplied with a top retaining wall stay when you purchase one of our reclaimed radiators. This is used to clamp the radiator to the wall high up to prevent it being pulled over. These have a 10mm brass plug to be drilled and fixed into the wall, then an adjustable plate on a thread to clamp the radiator back, and tighten.

Retaining stay or wall tie for old cast iron radiators Retaining stay or wall tie for antique cast iron radiators

Some styles of reclaimed radiators do not come with integral feet. There are two options with these styles – you can choose separate feet that are simply placed underneath the radiator, or you can choose to use wall brackets.

Independent feet for wall mounted old school radiators

The wall brackets can only be used if you are confident that the wall is strong enough to take the weight of the radiator once it is filled with water. The wall brackets are not often used when the radiator is placed against a stud wall, separate feet are more appropriate in this instance.

Wall hook for wall mounted cast iron radiators

If you require any further advice, or are seeking reassurance please complete our contact form, pick up the phone or drop us an email, we’d be delighted to help.