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Radiator Restoration Service

Radiator salvage company UK


Traditional cast iron radiator restoration service South West


Cast iron radiator restoration service UK


If you already own antique radiators or antique radiator valves and would like us to restore them for you we’d be delighted to help. Prices start at c. £215 per radiator excluding delivery.

All our Reclaimed Radiators are carefully restored using the following process:

  1. We remove all the old fittings
  3. The fittings are plumbed back in with the blanking plugs at the top and new iron reducing bushed at the bottom. We will need to confirm with you if you require ½” or ¾” valves, as this depends on the size of bushes we will use.
  5. Each radiator is pressure tested at 6 bar of pressure for at least one hour. Once we are sure there are no leaks or pinholes and the radiator is watertight, any fittings are put back in.
  7. Your radiator is flushed out inside using a high pressure water system.
  9. The radiator is then shot blasted with super fine grit to remove any old flaking paint or finish.
  11. Each antique radiator is then ready for two coats of primer, and four coats of top coat. We  professionally spray paint each one to achieve the best possible uniform paint coverage and to reach inside the radiator columns
  12. We pressure test the newly painted radiators again at a pressure of 5 bar in order to make completely sure that the shot blasting has not caused any pinholes to be exposed, and that we can fully guarantee that our reconditioned radiators are ready to be dispatched.

For choice of colours and finishes, please see Finishes.


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Radiator Valve Restoration

Antique radiator valves are hard to find and well worth restoring. They are often beautifully detailed and look so much better than many cheaper modern alternatives. We offer a traditional radiator valve restoration service - so if you would like us to provide you with a quote to carefully and expertly restore them to working order please get in touch.