Calm, clean lines & good outputs. Often called school or hospital radiators.



Solid fin cast iron radaitors are often referred to as school or hospital radiators. It is easy to see why and this is where a lot of them originate from. Their understated appearance looks charming in rustic cottages, minimal interiors, barn conversions and city apartments alike. Some of these have squarer tops - to chime with the four and six column styles and some have a more rounded apperanace following the lines of the princess and duchess styles.

Additional information
Size - 2" or 2¼" - 51 or 57mm per section

Small – up to 9 sections, Medium – 10 to 14 sections, Large – 15 to 19 sections, XL – 20 to 24 sections, XXL – 25 to 30 sections

Traditional heights

18" – 460mm, 24" – 610mm, 30" – 760mm, 36" – 915mm

Typical depth

5½" – 140mm, 7" – 178mm


Prices include the full restoration process, finished in one of our stock colours. Stock changes daily, so please get in touch for current stock availability.

Restoration process

All our Reclaimed Radiators are carefully restored using the following process:

  • We remove all the old fittings
  • Your radiator is flushed out inside using a high pressure water system.
  • Each radiator is pressure tested at 4 bar of pressure for at least two hours until we are sure there are no leaks and the radiator is watertight.
  • The radiator is then shot blasted with super fine grit to remove any old flaking paint or rust.
  • It is primed straight away with anti-corrosive primer
  • A second pressure test is carried out at 4 bar of pressure for at least two hours until we are sure there are no pinholes and the radiator is watertight.
  • Each antique radiator is then ready for four coats of top coat. We professionally spray paint each one to achieve the best possible uniform paint coverage and to reach inside the radiator columns

We can deliver anywhere within the UK, please call or email us for a quote. All prices quoted here exclude delivery.