Our Radiators

Our original vintage radiators are restored to order. There is plenty of choice – we keep over 1000 ever changing radiators in stock – so there should be one to suit!

We only work on authentic vintage radiators

We salvage cast iron radiators everywhere from churches to Victorian schools to closed down department stores or factories.

Vintage cast iron radiators were designed & made in imperial sizes so we describe them this way with a metric conversion. All our old radiators are adapted to fit modern pipework as part of the restoration process.

The radiators are kept in their original condition until they are selected for renovation. Our images are a mixture of fully restored, partially restored & original radiators so please don’t be put off by any rust or flaky paint!

Just like buying vintage clothing or antique furniture each style of radiator has a character of its own which we love & we hope you will too.

Large number of old victorian school radiators in a warehouse

Prices for fully restored & custom finished reclaimed radiators start at £470

Round Top Radiators

If you already own antique radiators and would like us to restore them for you we’d be delighted to help. Prices start at c. £295 per radiator.